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You Have Treasures Within You!

The Mission of Hugs for Women is to help Heal the Brokenhearted and Bind up the Wounds of the Whole Woman by an environment in faith to cultivate the gift God has assigned in her life by words of Empowerment and support that her gift matters too.

Tonya Jo has been ministering to Women from all Walks of life since 2013 where she was ordained in Chicago, Il. Tonya has provided Work Shops, Remote Biblical Council during Pandemic, Speaking Engagements, and most of all community impact. Jesus saved her from the Pit Spiritually and has brought her into his palace by addressing her conduct and character in Christ.

God has delivered Tonya from a Past of Pain and turned the misery into Ministry. God has provided opportunities to cultivate relationships with Women from all walks of life and the success of this ministry has focused on many areas.

♡ Restoration


♡Identify the Root

♡Hug The Little Girl

♡ The Bond Woman and Free Woman

♡Unpack Your Luggage

♡Forgiveness of Yourself and Others

The Vision

The Vision of Hugs is to Cultivate Women’s Ministry-s by creating local to Global Affiliatioms by Creating a Network of Women that Cultivate one another that bring fourth Confidence and Change in individual’s Lives.One Woman at a time.

Services Provided

Coffee and Conversations

Small group Workshops

one on one Biblical council

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council

Community Impact

No Grit No Pearl

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.
-Psalm 147:3

Each Woman has a story in life that can empower change in anothers life . Hugs concept is to bring life experiences by sharing small group intimate settings without judgment and a transparent approach that will facilitate a safe environment that we can be ourselves and learn from one another one story, one Hug in a mug at a time.


I can say a lot about Hugs For Women but I’m gonna keep it short…Hugs has been there for me through some of my hardest moments.
– Anonymous Sister

I love Hugs For Women and everything it stands for… Tonya and Hugs gave me hope, friendship and showed me I was not alone.
– Anonymous Sister

Your hug gave me light again, it gave me hope again…Hugs For Women came at the right time…Your post was so true and transparent that it was like looking in a mirror…Your mission is blessing the voiceless and your strength gives power to the powerless.
– Anonymous Sister

Your ministry continues to light otherwise dark paths for many women – myself included.
– Anonymous Sister

Your conversations was always encouraging and made me want to spend more time in the presence of God hoping to receive some of the anointing and fire that I saw and felt when you was ministering.

-Anonymous Sister

It’s been very helpful. Some of the things you told me I was already putting into practice but it’s always refreshing to hear again and be reminded to do more often (like the note cards, and sticky notes everywhere). Because sometimes you think you’re doing something but you’re really not, or not enough.

You spoke of spiritual downloads, I have had them and wrote them down after my meeting. You also spoke of ways I worship other than in church which were on point. You also mentioned “Teach her” again and I believe I am to teach women how to pray for their children and continue to speak God’s word over their children no matter what the enemy tries to throw in their path 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

-Anonymous Sister

I take our conversations very valuable and fruitful, and I write them down. (If I can remember everything) Because you say a lot of things I need to hear or haven’t heard.

The way you deliver things makes a big difference to because talking to you makes me want to grow. I had other people talk to me about some of the things we talk about, and their tone can come off as very disingenuous, but you showed me grace like God would!

-Anonymous Sister

You are very encouraging to me and Inspiration.

-Anonymous Sister


“Don’t Silence The Violence.” – October 30, 2020

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